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Friday, May 16, 2014

Fukuoka Adventure Day 2

Friday, May 16, 2014
Nokoshima Island Park
Canal City

Another day in Japan, which means another day for sushi!  We started out later than usual today, no reason why, we just dilly dallied around until we decided to leave the room  First stop:  Sushi Zanmai!  This is our go-to 24 hour cheap sushi restaurant.  I didn't think there was one in Fukuoka but it seems it was only a couple of subway stops away.  We took the subway towards Meinohama and got off at the Tenjin Station, and Sushi Zanmai is only about an 8 minute walk away.  Sorry, no pics this morning, too busy enjoying my breakfast :)



A ten minute ferry ride from Meinohama Station (about 7? stops away from Hakata Station) will take you to Nokonoshima Island Park.  It's a cute little island, I didn't realize people actually lived on it. When you get to Meinohama Station, go out to the bus stop and be on the look out for bus #98.  We got there at 11:07, right as the bus was driving off...did you notice what time the next bus came?  There's nothing around there to help you kill the time...

The bus will take you all the way to the ferry so don't worry about missing your stop.  

It was pretty cheap to get there...


Yes, I actually rode a boat!  I figured it was only a 10 minute ride so I had nothing to worry about.


We rented bikes to go around the island.  It was 300¥ per hour or 1000¥ per day.  We told the lady we wanted 2 bikes for 2 hours.  She said no, no, no 1000¥.  Uhhh, but we only wanted 2 hours.  No, no, no 1000¥.  Oh well, I just handed over 2000¥ and we were on our way. 




You think it still works??

I felt like I was on Shokogashiratai

It got really hot so we stopped by a little mom and pop shop and got some ice cream

It was really pretty from out there

I was pooped so I returned my bike and got myself this orange drink that they make on the island.  I didn't like it.  Maybe I'm just used to American soda

Weird.  I returned my bike about 2 hours later and the lady gave me back 400¥!  Randy came back around 20 mins later and he got back 400¥ too.  Maybe she was trying to tell us that we pay for all day but if we come back early then we get our money back.

We only rode around the south part of the island, the northern part is really steep and hard to ride.  We tried and ended up walking our bikes up about 100 yards and then quit.  We were gonna take a bus to the top to get to the park but we looked at the time and decided to get back to Hakata so we could go to Canal City.

Canal City is about a 10-15 minute walk from Hakata Station so it's very convenient.  Just take the West exit and go to the crosswalk to the left of the bus station and the subway entrance.


I really need to stop in this store before we cute yah?


Sorry, got distracted.  Just keep going straight until you see a slight fork in the road.  You can either go left or right, we took the right.  At the 7-11 take a left and you'll see Canal City in front of you!

Canal City is just a plain ol shopping mall but Kathy told me to go check out a ramen restaurant called Ichiran.  Nope, it's not in the famous Ramen Stadium on the 5th floor, but in the little food area on B1.  

Look for the ramen in the rectangle bowls


When you first get there, head to the vending machine and put in your order.  Hungry?  Go for the extra noodles.  You won't be disasppointed.

Then when you get to your seat fill out what you want in your Ramen

So cute.  You get your own little cubicle.  Hard to talk story though.  Randy was getting irritated with me cause I kept bothering him while he was trying to eat.

There's about 4-5 rows here!

And your food comes in about 5 minutes.  OHMYGAWWWWD.  This was the best ramen I've ever eaten.  **Jalna -- If we ever come to Fukuoka together I'll take you here everyday if you like.  Yah, it's that good.

Did I press it?  HELL YAH I DID!  

Just fill out the paper in your stall and give um your money!

I told Kathy that I never drink the broth when I eat saimin/ramen.  I was drinking the broth...I couldn't finish it but if I wasn't so darn full that bowl would be empty!  And it's a chain!  Too bad I can't read it but I'll remember the logo :)

After all that pigging out we needed to go out and get some fresh air.  We left the mall and went out by the canal.  Yes, there really is a canal.  It was pretty and there was a nice breeze.  A nice way to digest our food...




All of the yatai carts were starting to set was smellin really good out there.  Too bad we were too stuffed to the gills to sample some stuff.  



good night Fukuoka!

I'm glad we ate early so I wouldn't have to go to bed feeling miserable.  See you tomorrow!  Note:  When we were walking back to our hotel we noticed the sign for Ichiran Ramen...right across the street from Hakata Station!  It's in the Sun Plaza building.  Score!


jalna said...

That ramen looked so gooooooood!!! It's cool that the instruction sheet was in English. Agu Ramen's tonkotsu ramen is made with Hakata-style noodles that look just like that. Too bad you guys were too full to try out the yatais too. I think my sisters could spend ALL DAY at Canal City. That Cow store looked interesting . . . beauty products? Cute, you guys wen ride bikes. No ask me to do that, okay. I would probably go over the edge and end up in the water . . . bike and all. And then I not going get my change back from the lady. Looking forward to more!

Les said...

Oooh man, I'm telling ya! It was that good. But now we have a problem. Do we keep going back there or do we try other restaurants??? All of them look so good when we walk past them! About the bikes, ugh. Yah, he was so irritating. When I first told him I wanted to rent bikes he was like "you sure? you can ride a bike?" dumbass. "Yah! we rode bikes in Paris remember?? I also did Tinman too stoooppid!" "I no think you can handle..." I was hoping he would eat it so he would shut up. haha. I never end up in the water! :)

Kalin's Mommy said...

Loving Japan through your eyes!!!!

Les said...

Thanks Michele! Speaking of eyes, I forgot the damn sample box you gave me so I picked up two different ones for your husband to try. Hope he likes it...sorry!

Kalin's Mommy said...

No problem, thanks!