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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tokyo DIsneyland...

Monday, October 7, 2013

Ok, I'm so glad I don't have kids.  I would hate to go back to that place especially if it's hot, muggy and crowded!  Remind me to never come to Tokyo in the summertime.  It's already October and I was dying of heat.  Of course I didn't pack any shorts cause I wasn't expecting it to be this uncomfortable.  Ugh.  I really shouldn't even complain cause i know it's nowhere near as crowded as the one one in California or Florida.  Also the people there are so polite that you have no reason to bitch.  I think I'm just getting old.

We went to Tokyo Disney first, you can't buy a hopper pass in Japan unless you buy 4 days or more.  I kinda thought that was weird but oh well...

This was actually mama kuba's idea to go here.  We were originally supposed to go with Randy's sister and kids but they decided not to go.  Mama kuba still wanted to go. Cute yah!

We got there around 9ish, the park opens at 8

3?  What does 3 mean? I thought she was making a peace sign but then I looked at the picture after and was cracking up.

So does it look the same?  I have no idea.  It's been years since I've been to Disneyland




Randy was too grouchy to pose for me so Papa kuba volunteered

One of the few rides we actually went on






I heard the turkey legs aren't as big as they are in California...

Haha, we got to Disney around 9, and we were out of there by 2.  We didn't feel like standing in line for an hour for a ride and we were pooped cause of the heat.  Yup.  I'm getting old.

Randy and I at this little tonkatsu restaurant right next door to our hotel.  I'm so bummed I didn't find this place earlier.  I know it was here the last time we stayed in Hatchobori, I remember the little pig


I wish I brought my camera.  This katsu was amazing.  I wasn't expecting anything so I left everything in the hotel room.  It's literally a hole in the wall, and it only seats about a dozen or so people.  One mama-san prepares the food for you while you wait.

You see that little blue sign on the left hand side?  That's the entrance to our hotel!


jalna said...

That is so cute that you mama Kuba still wanted to go, and better still that you guys went too! I loved looking at these pictures. Feels like I'm there . . . without the heat. 3? what does 3 mean? Hahahahaha!!

jalna said...

Wow, what a great day!!!! You got so much into one day! The monorail is soooooo cute!!!! I'm glad you guys caught it. Who's this goofy guy? Hahahahaha!! And can you read the time? No I cannot, Eagle Eyes. And who's that cute dude in the picture you're standing in front of? And hey, behind the tonkatsu pig sign . . . does that say "ramen"? OMG . . . I miss ramen so badly . . .

jalna said...

BTW, turkey drumstick seems weird, but looks ono. How much was it? I'm thinking probably around 5 bucks.

Les said...

hahaha you so funny, only you would notice the ramen shop right next door. We never even eat ramen's been too stinkin hot! We will soon though, all the pictures look so yummy. I'll just deal with the heat :)

That dude? Who knows! That was one of the only pillars with no one standing by it! hahaha

Uhhh, diet just flew out the window. I think I just gained back all the weight I lost. I gotta start all over again :(

jalna said...

Me too with the diet. I was sitting at work, munching my lettuce and I could barely swallow it . . . I was just so sick of it. So this past weekend I snacked on nuts, pork rinds and I ate choke korean food (no rice but). I neva like eat no more green leaves. Guess what happened. I gained like 2 pounds. NO FAIR.

Les said...

sooo irritating yah! I'm scared to hop on the scale when I get home...

jalna said...

I just weighed myself this morning. Was hoping the weight gain was just water retention. But nooooooo. Neva lose that extra 2 pounds. PHUI.

Les said...

no worries, I probably weigh more now than at my weigh in :-\