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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tokyo Day 2

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Tsukiji, Disney Sea, Tokyo Dome

Today was a looooooong day.  We started off bright and early and went to Tsukiji for some sushi and beer for breakfast.


Can you read the time?  If not, it says 6:40

For those of you who have never been there, take the subway to Tsukiji Station (Hibiya Line).  When you arrive, look for exit 1 and head out to the street.

Take a left when you get out, you should see a Buddhist temple on your left.  Walk about a block and you will reach a big intersection

Walk straight on in and you will first hit the marketplace, it's totally awesome and overwhelming but you gotta check it out.  If you want to eat sushi, there are TONS of restaurants you could choose from but Randy wanted to eat at one in particular that was near the auction site.  I guess we ate there before but hehehe my memory sucks so I had no idea where it was or what the place even looked like.

You have to be really careful when walking in there, there's lots of hustle and bustle and you could probably get run over!

Randy couldn't remember which restaurant was the one we went to the last time since they all look alike.  He finally decided on this one


Another little hole in the wall...

Not bad for $36.  The fish was excellent.  And in case you're wondering, no, I didn't eat the uni.  Randy got an extra serving.

After we walked out he figured out that the restaurant next door was the one we were supposed to go to.  But who cares!  We're here all week! 

He's seriously thinking of staying here next time...I guess it's easy access to all the fish

After breakfast it was time to head off to Disneyland again, this time to Disney Sea.  It was awesome that the park was so close, only a 15 minute commute from Hatchobori.  Disney Sea is a little farther away and the dude told us it would be a 30 minute walk to the park.  We opted for the monorail....

So cute yah!


We made it!

I've never been to Venice but if it looks like this then maybe I should go!



Mama kuba and I were waiting in the shade while Randy and Papa kuba went on some ride that I prolly woulda got sick on.  This goofy looking dude came near us to take some pics with the families.  Who is this anyways?  His brother?



Of course it was miserably hot again so we stopped for some ice cream




I thought it was kinda strange...for a place called Disney Sea, there wasn't much "sea"stuff over there.  I wanted to find some kind of shark toy for my nephew but I couldn't find one darn shark in the whole park!  Isn't shark tales a disney movie??  We were out of there by 2:00 haha.

Later that night we went to go watch some baseball.  We were lucky enough to score some tickets to a Yomiuri Giants game.  It's the playoffs so surprisingly the game wasn't sold out.  The tickets were cheap too!  $37 and our seats were pretty good





We even got a free shirt!!  It was a dri-fit one too, not cotton!  Score!!  I just wish I got a black one.  Every section was alternating colors.  The stadium looked pretty awesome

This was a pretty awesome game.  The Giants were losing 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth.  There was a player on 1st and 2nd, with one out....
and when I can figure out how to get the stuuuupid video off my phone then I can post it for you!

Got it!!


KitTKat said...

Wow! Disney Sea looks awesome! I can't wait to go. Did they have the popcorn there too?

Les said...

i was kinda bored. I guess cause I no more kids. Yup! there were different flavors of popcorn there so you gotta remember to bring your container...strawberry, salt and pepper, and maple I think were a few