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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We kinda didn't do much today, it was move house day.  We left Hatchobori and headed for Roppongi.  We're now staying at the B Roppongi.  I'll get a picture of it later, I keep forgetting to grab a shot.  Randy and I left early to take our huge bags over to the hotel so we all didn't have to struggle at the time of check-out.  Although it was a good idea, it sucked cause we did it during rush-hour.  Thank god Randy was able to carry my suitcase cause it woulda taken me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to carry it up all those stairs.

After that whole production we picked up the folks and stopped by Akihabara so I could pick up a set of headphones and papa kuba could get a watch.  I should've taken a picture of all the headphones, it was totally overwhelming.  I finally found a fairly inexpensive (42¥) cool pair and papa kuba found his solar watch.

It was then time for an early lunch.  If you like oyakodonburi, you must go to Tamahide in Ningyocho (Hibiya line, 1 minute walk from the station).  This is where oyakodonburi originated in 1760!! and apparently it's quite popular.   They open at 11:00 but Randy read that you should get there by 11:00 to make sure you get a seat.

This is the line at 11:05



This is the line at 11:30.  It wraps around to the other side so the customers don't block the business next door.

So we got seated right away, unfortunately it was one of those sit on the ground - legs drop down in the hole beneath the table kinds of places.  Ouch!  It was so hard getting in and out of it!  There were mats that we were sitting on and if we stepped on it we would slide.  It was hilarious watching all of us trying to stand up after lunch.

Lunch was served within 5 minutes. You order at the cashier as soon as you get in and if you don't know japanese like us then ordering gets kinda difficult. 


I guess it's good if you study the picture before you go in...

According to Randy and his folks, this was excellent.  I'm not a big fan of oyakodonburi so I just thought it was ok.  I think we were out of there in less than half an hour.  When we walked out the line was just as long as when we went in.

Since we were so close to Ueno we went to check out Ameyoko so I could get more omiyage to take home, and note to self...don't go on Wednesdays cause the stores I want to go to will be closed.  I hope I can make another trip down there before we have to leave!


jalna said...

Looks good to me! I know the eggs in Japan are yummy, so I'm curious how it tasted.

Les said...

For some reason I was thinking the whole time that you would love this place. Are you an egg lover?? Oyakodonburi eater?? If so you should definitely try it out. Easy to find too!

KitTKat said...

I'm like you, not a fan of it. Mama Kuba is always smiling,
I just love her! Come on papa and junior Kuba how about cracking a smile?

Les said...

no kidding yah!

jalna said...

Oh, dat's right . . . you always give me your yolks. I love eggs. Did I ever tell you the story of how when I first went to Japan, I went out to dinner to a sukiyaki place. There was a raw egg in a bowl. The guy that invited me and my friend to the restaurant explained that you're supposed to dip your hot meat into the raw egg and then eat it. I soooooo didn't wanna do that, but it would've been rude for me not to . . . so I did. It was OISHIIIIIII!!!!!

Les said...

oooooh I don't know if I could do it. I guess I would have to yah??