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Monday, February 20, 2012

Congratulations Wendy!

Sunday, February 19, 2012
Hawaii Prince Hotel

Marvin's friend Wendy is getting married in a few weeks and he's the "man of honor..." is that what it's called?  Anyways, he asked me if I could take pictures at her bridal shower, he offered to buy me breakfast so how could I resist? :-)

 Marvin made her wear a sash and tiara...she wasn't too happy about that :)
 Guess the spice...this was hard!
 There wasn't much room for games but there was enough space to dress up the moms in a toilet paper dress...
 Not bad for 10 minutes of work!
 I take it that she doesn't like to be the center of attention...
 Marvin's gift to Wendy...a love whip.  The rest of his gift isn't allowed on this G rated blog.


jalna said...

Totally looked like fun!! Those toilet paper dresses were amaaaazing!! You did a great job Les! Nice photos.

Les said...

It was fun! I got in trouble from Marvin cause I pretty much only ate salad :|. You shoulda seen her open her gifts, she was so embarrassed!

Erick said...

Your pictures are so cute! When did you change the background color? Seems like the pictures stand out against the gray. Nice!

Les said...

Thanks Erick! But uhhhhh....I changed the background a long time ago! hahaha! maybe you weren't wearing your glasses (or maybe you need them) the last time you looked :)