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Friday, September 23, 2011

Rain, rain, go away....

Friday, September 23, 2011
Coney Island, Brighton Beach

When we woke up this morning it was significantly cooler than the past couple of days.  We looked up in the sky and just knew that it was gonna pour.  I guess we can't complain because it's been raining everywhere else but here, so we've been lucky.  Not a good day to go to Coney Island and Brighton Beach.  The rain isn't supposed to stop anytime soon so we said "what the hell..." and went anyways.

So this is what happens when two dorks on the subway get the whole car to themselves...

First stop:  Coney Island to eat a Nathan's hot dog.  It was a ghost town.  No one in their right mind would go down there during an ugly rainy day like today.   Kinda expensive too yah? $3.49 for a hot dog??

 Randy is disappointed cause of the rain :(

Brighton Beach was worse!  We had the whole place to ourselves...that's it.  Camera goes in back in the bag after this.
 After all that rain, Randy was craving a beer, or two, or we hopped back on the subway back to the city to Eataly, Mario Batali's new food market.  This place was awesome. It was really crowded so I didn't want to take pictures of the marketplace.  I took pictures at Birreria instead...the bar on the 15th floor

 Our cheese platter - Asiago, Provolone, and Gorgonzola...yummmm
The second of three cask ales.  I would show you all three but you'd get bored. He said all three were good though
 All gone!
 We stopped for a snack at A Salt and Battery, a fish and chips place (I saw this on Throwdown with Bobby Flay and they beat him!) This was yummy! 

For dinner we went down the block to a Peruvian restaurant called Mancora.  I was still full from our snack so I just had a Chicken/cilantro/vegetable and rice soup, and a salad with avocado.  I loved the salad dressing and the soup was ok.  I didn't bring my camera cause it's still raining (DAMNIT!) and it's very cramped in there.  Randy had some kind of cod dish and that was pretty good.  What we really liked was some kind of deep fried plantain appetizer with a spicy green sauce to your table when you get there.  That was yummy!!

Cross your fingers for tomorrow.  I'm supposed to go to the Bronx to see my beloved Red Sox play the Yankees.  Tonight's game got rained out. That would really suck if tomorrow gets cancelled too.

**UPDATE** Hey, do you remember that little Chinese place that we went ALL THE WAY to Flushing for?  As we were walking back to the apartment, I noticed that there was the same restaurant 200 YARDS FROM OUR DOORSTEP.   !!!!! Go figure.  Maybe I'll get to try the oxtail noodle dish after all...


Dd said...

Wow...Yankees already clinched but important game for your RSox, coz they still are up for the Wild Card....Go Sox !!

jalna said...

I loooooove these shots. The empty boardwalk and the empty subway car . . . so neat. Again, the food looks awesome.

Les said...

Dd -- grrr...don't remind me. Kinda sucks being a Red Sox fan in NYC. They better start winning some games soon, that wild card lead is slowly slipping away :(. But we have faith!!!

Jalna - uhhh...thanks? I think I'd rather have plenty people in my picture and have stayed dry. We (well mostly Randy) got drenched!!

Betty Townsend said...

Well, you didn't let the rain stop you from going where you wanted even though you were the only ones there...and go soaked...awesome pictures, nevertheless. :)

Les said...

hahaha thanks Betty :)

Erick said...

Cool subway shots. Wow, Nathan's, how many hot dogs did you have? Love the shots of Randy.

Les said...

We ate 65. We thought we'd beat the record. nah, we just had one each. We only wanted a snack and I can't see spending $3.50 on a hot dog!