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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Omiyage day...

Thursday, September 22, 2011
A whole bunch of places!

Today we decided to hit our favorite places to get them out of the way.  After exercising in the  morning (yah, since we're eating so much we gotta work some of it off), we headed off to 2nd Ave Deli for some pastrami and corned beef sandwiches. Yah, I blogged about this before but it's worth another post....

this dog was on the subway with us...cute yah?
 I don't know if you can tell but the corned beef is on the left and the pastrami is on the right

Next stop:  Dylan's Candy Bar!!  Geez, I spent $135 dollars in there! No, not all on candy, I bought a few shirts for the family :)

Peanut Butter & Co!! I love their dark chocolate dreams peanut butter...
 We had to walk home and drop off all of our loot so we took a stroll through Washington Square

 Then we headed off to Ground Zero.  I'm such an idiot.  I really wanted to go to the memorial but I didn't realize that you needed reservations until it was too late. I guess I'll have to return again another time...These are pictures of the new buildings in progress

hey is this legal?
  I tried twice to take this picture. Twice he blinked. I give up.
 This place looked different.  The last time we were here this mural was in a covered walkway.  I can't remember what was actually there.

 Back in the village in Little Italy an Italian festival was going on.  LOTS of food and crafts
 For Jalna....
 Look at the size of those sausages!
 I think these are marshmallows
 Yummm...this is a couple a blocks away from our apartment. I ordered a salty pimp...Soft serve ice cream with dulce de leche, sea salt, and dipped in chocolate. I just wish the weather was cooler, the damn thing was melting on me so fast!
 Down the street from the big gay ice cream place is Luke's Lobster.  Randy wanted to give it a try.  He said it was good.
 We ended early today cause we were beat.  My feet and legs are sore so we have to rest up for tomorrow.  If the weather cooperates we're planning on visiting Brighton Beach in Brooklyn.  See you tomorrow!


jalna said...

Looks like you're in foodie heaven!! Everything looks so yummy! And those beanies!! So so so so cute.

Yosh808 said...

OMG...the lobster roll loooks sooooo goood!! How did Randy like it???

Les said...

ohmygawwwd Jalna, I had to walk away from the beanies cause I woulda bought them all (if I wasn't so cheap!)

Yosh - he said they were good but "eh, they're not my thing" (hah? wth? why go eat um??) They were kinda pricey. $18 for the roll, soda and chips. But he said he can see why it's so popular. Go get a roll then walk down the street to get a salty pimp :)

Betty Townsend said...

Like jalna said...Food Heaven!! :;)

Les said...

hahaha, yah and we still got 3 more days!! :)