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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NYC here I come!!

Tuesdsay, September 20, 2011
Brooklyn Bridge, Greenwich Village

Ok, so we're back in New York of my all time favorite places to visit....Marvin found awesome fares back in December so we both jumped at the chance to head back east (Marvin is coming up right after I fly home!)

We're renting an apartment in the village, great location but TEENY-TINY!!  Oh my gawwd, I knew it was gonna be small, but not this small!!

We didn't wanna stay in the apartment too long, we'd get claustrophobic.  After we settled in, we went to Lombardi's pizza for lunch...YUMMMMMM! But I didn't bring my camera with me.  I was too tired to drag it along. We came back to nap then headed out again, this time to get some night shots of the Brooklyn Bridge.  
It was a cloudy night so I kinda like the way these came out.  It kinda sucked that I didn't have a tripod and I was on a bridge that was shaking!
 We looked at the time and noticed that it was 9:30 already and we haven't eaten dinner yet.  We went back to the village to Employees Only (This is a great bar that my co-worker Stoja recommends, they have awesome Pisco Sours!) to grab a drink before dinner then headed across the street to Cowgirl.  It was a cute restaurant, they serve a lot of comfort food.  I ate the mac and cheese, and Randy had the chicken fried chicken.  I didn't take any pics of the food, sorry, but I did get a picture of my yummmmy prickly pear margarita! Aren't those little cows the cutest??

 Ok, it's 1:00 in the morning, time for me to get some sleep.  It's supposed to thunderstorm tomorrow :(  Wish me luck!


jalna said...

Hooo hooo, looks like you're having fun already! I like your bridge shots!

Erick said...

Wow, that is narrow. Love your night shots, especially the bridge shots.

Les said...

jalna - ugh! it's 6:30 and I'm up already!! :(

Erick - I swear I'm just waiting for one of us to tumble down those stairs!

Betty Townsend said...

Oh mercy...that apartment is TINY!! The shots of the bridge and city are fantastic! Enjoy your visit and looking forward to your blogging!! :)

Les said...

thanks Betty! I don't know how someone could live in a place so small!

Yosh808 said...

Ugh...It's hard to look at your blog with my trip soooo close....yet soooo far!! I'm sooo antsy already!!!

Les said...

soon, my child, very soon! Your patience will make it all the better!! :)