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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NYC day far, so good, no rain! Well, maybe a little...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Flushing, Queens & Bryant Park

Anthony Bourdain once ate a cumin lamb sandwich in Flushing on his show No Reservations.  He made it look so damn good Randy had to go over there and try it.  For those of you who don't know, Flushing is the Chinatown of Queens.  It's about a 45 min train ride from where we're staying, we practicallly got off the subway, headed to the restaurant, went back to the subway and back into Manhattan. Hahaha, yah, it was that good, and worth the trip.

Before we got to the restaurant, I stopped by this window by the train station.  They were selling a bunch of food for really cheap.  I bought a green onion pancake for only $1!!  It wasn't that good though, it needs some kind of sauce.  But hey, if you're hungry it's only a buck!
Down the street was the food court where the restaurant was.  Don't blink cause you're gonna miss it!  We almost did...

Only 3 bucks for the sandwich!  If you like cumin, you're gonna love this sandwich.  It was a little spicy I could only take a couple of  bites before my mouth was on fire. A guy on Yelp recommended the noodles, they were ok.  They were fresh noodles though, so that was nice.  After we ordered them we saw another picture with oxtail and the noodles.  We shoulda got that instead.

Back on the subway...

We stopped by Bryant Park and I noticed these old Jewish men were playing what I thought was Bacci ball (cause I'm such an expert, I've photographed an event before...hahahaha!) but I was wrong!
 They were playing something called Petanque. Whatever. I think it's Bocci ball in a different language.
 NY Public Library...I heard it's beautiful inside. Couldn't go in. They were closed today :(
 Took some long exposure shots in Grand Central Station.  I thought they came out kinda neat.  The people look like ghosts!
 Regular shot
 We also went to see Avenue Q tonight. If you haven't seen it, you should! It's hilarious!
 We did get caught in a little rain storm walking to the theatre, but when we came out, it was dry.  Hope it stays that way :)

**Sorry, this stupid blog is driving me bonkers tonight.  The settings just don't wanna cooperate and I'm too tired to figure it out.  ugh!


jalna said...

So so so cool post! It feels like I'm there!

Les said...

man I wish you were here Jalna! There's soooooo much places to shoot here, you'd have a blast. Plus such good food, we'd gain about 20 lbs!!

Betty Townsend said...

Awesome! The GC shots are great, I hear, for a train station, it is really neat in there. How does NYC's Chinatown compare with SF? The same...better...worse...fantastic prices on the food. :)

Les said...

I think Grand Central is the nicest train station I've ever been in. Chinatown? Both Manhattan's and Flushing's are HUGE. I'm not sure if it's bigger than SF, but it's close. I felt like I was in China if that means anything :)