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Sunday, September 25, 2011

My legs hurt and I'm tired...

Sunday, September 25, 2011
The Highline and Rockaway

We weren't quite sure what we were gonna do today so we just started walking. And walking. And walking.  It was sunny and humid so I was quite uncomfortable in jeans.  I didn't bring shorts with me cause I thought it was gonna be cooler. Luckily there was a cool breeze every once in awhile to cool me off.  We ended up at The Highline, we went to see if anything changed since the last time we went.  Not much changed but it's still very nice.

 View from the Highline

We stopped by the New Amsterdam Market, an open organic marketplace that they have every Sunday in South Manhattan.  It was kinda dark there cause it was under an overpass.  This is an organic chocolate company....yummmmm...
 View from the marketplace
 There was a grilled cheese truck there and I couldn't resist.  It was really good. Two of my favorites, sourdough bread and cheddar cheese!
 For someone who hates cell phones, he sure is on it a lot!
 It was still pretty early so we took a trip out to Rockaway way out in East Brooklyn.  Supposedly there's a surf spot out there that Randy wanted to check out
 Call me spoiled but this beach was ugly. Randy was thinking of jumping in but since everyone was in wetsuits he figured it must've been freezing out there.  He changed his mind

 When we got back we were exhausted and hungry.  Randy read about a restuarant called DBGB Kitchen and Bar, it was walking distance and got good reviews.  This place was EXCELLENT.  Fairly inexpensive too. If you're ever in the area you should check it out.  I have no idea what kind of sausage Randy ordered but it was really good.  They took kinda long to serve us our meal so they apologized and sent us another sausage (that I have no idea which one it was cause I couldn't understand a word our server said) that was almost as good as the first one, and also a free dessert.  I was in heaven!  Sorry, no pictures, Randy would've flipped out if I brought my camera there.

We have one more day in the city and we're unsure what we're gonna do.  Stay tuned!  Oh, yah, we're going to a Foo Fighters concert in Jersey tomorrow night! :)


KitTKat said...

Only my ears getting full (about the sausages), so what if he flipped out, nothing new. Next time bus' 'um out!

Jenny said...

Smile Randy!

Have fun at Foo Fighters! Paul will be jealous!

Les said...

ahhaha! Don't even get me started Kat. I shoulda though. The sausages were soooooo good!!!

Jenny - it's either smile or keep his eyes open. I'll take the open eyes. Too difficult for him to do two things at once. I hope the concert is good, we got crappy seats cause we bought them last minute. Cheap but! Only $45

jalna said...

Nice day you had. I like walking around. That grilled cheese sandwich looked ono!! What's a Foo Fighter? Are they fast as lightning? Get it? Kung Foo Fighter? Fast as lighting? Never mind.

Betty Townsend said...

I'd be dying with the walking you and Randy have done...LOL! That sand looks so dirty, kinda grayish...wonder why??

Les said...

Jalna -- uuuhhh....glad you explained cause I never got it. I know the song but I guess I never knew the words. Soooo far from kung fu fighter! hahahaa

Betty - my legs and feet are mad at me now. Lots of walking again today. I think the sand is grayish cause of pollution. I'm not sure though

Dd said...

OWWEEEE.......hey but your Sox beat them Yankees in 14 Innings !!!

Les said...

Dd -- I know! I'm so bummed cause we could've seen the best part of the game. The darn game wasn't televised either so we were watching the play by play on our phones :(