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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chocolate day...continued

Sorry, this new blog format is giving me a headache.  Anyways, before the concert we had a little bit of time so we walked around the Grand Central Station area and we ran into a little cupcake shop called "Baked by Melissa."  This was really cute.  She sells mini (I mean really mini) cupcakes in all different flavors. I bought 6 for $5.50.  Kinda expensive yah?  They were good though!

 top left to right: I forget what this was but it was good, mint choc chip, choc peanut butter
bottom: choc chip pancake, smores, choc peanut butter

Outside Grand Central Station

We're leaving today so I gotta finish packing.  See you all soon!


Dd said...

oooooo How Was Fpoo Fighters !! One of Glenn's Fave Bands !!

Les said...

Ok, this is the thing about the Foo Fighters. The concert was great. And LONG. They are awesome about putting on a show, Dave Grohl likes to play 2 hrs + shows. The concert was 2 hrs and 40 mins!! I would've really enjoyed it if I was a fan. I knew only 3 songs the whole night and one was a Tom Petty cover. Randy is the fan, he enjoyed it. I was exhausted. If Glenn ever has a chance to see them, he should go. It would be totally worth it.

jalna said...

I would love, love, love that cupcake sampler thing. I could cut um each in half and have one of each! Just my style.

Les said...

uh, cut um in half? I don't think so! It was about the size of a quarter and maybe an inch deep. If you cut um in half it's gonna fall apart plus the piece would be teeny-tiny.

go check this out:

oh! Milk and cookies! That was the white one on the other post

Betty Townsend said...

I'd be a roly poly with all those much to eat and so little time, huh! Sounds like your trip was great!

Les said...

I know. Maybe it's a good thing we did all that walking yah? :)

Erick said...

The cupcakes look so ono. Sounds like you folks are having a great time!

Les said...

they were ono Erick! And since they were so tiny you don't feel too guilty eating um :)