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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Da Ala Cart

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Don Quijote Parking Lot, Kaheka

If you had seen Jalna's post the other day, she visited our co-worker CQ's brother's yakitori cart in the Don Quijote parking lot. The food looked really good, and since he's only open from 4-9 we all decided to head on over there after work today to try it out. Even our buddy Erick came over from HMSA to join us. Such a convenient location for us yah??

I took my new toy with me to try it out tonight. So far I love it! Here's Erick tasting the bacon wrapped shishamo:
Susie enjoying the nori wrapped mochi...yummmm...Jalna's favorite
Even CQ's daughter Kaori comes out to help!
Marvin lovin' the gyu tongue...I loved it too!
Bacon wrapped asparagus, another favorite of ours
Look at Jalna's expression...priceless!
Chicken wing & pork belly
Here I am tasting the shishamo...yummy!
Jalna didn't quite agree.
The happy gang :) Thanks Jalna!!


susie said...

Great pictures and great fun tonight! food was Ono.

Les said...

Thanks Susie! Next time we gotta remember to bring chairs :)

jalna said...

Niiice pikchas!!

Les said...

hahahaha niiiice camera! :)

Betty Townsend said...

Great pictures! So Ono looking, the food. Love seeing jalna in front of the camera. :)

Les said...

Thanks Betty! Yah...rare to see pictures of her!

Erick said...

Great shots! I love all the expressions of everyone enjoying the great food. That was fun!

Les said...

I know! We gotta do it again someday :)