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Friday, February 25, 2011

Diet? What Diet??

Friday, February 25, 2011
Food Truck Rally
Honolulu, HI

Kathy and I attended the "Eat The Street" food truck rally tonight. This was held last month and it was such a hit that they decided to do another one in February. This place was CRAZY. We arrived at the rally at about 5:20, and this is what the line already looked like. This was the line for Melt.

The best thing to do, is come with a bunch of people and have a game plan. Of course you're not gonna hit every truck so choose your favorites, and have everyone split up. Both Kathy's sister and friends were already there so they got in line early so we didn't have to.

This was the line for Gogi Korean Tacos. Geez it's so long you can barely see the truck!
While I was waiting in line for my Mexican tacos, Kathy strolled up with our Melt Steak Sandwich. This was really good. It had a mild wasabi mayo sauce in it
It was a surf and turf special, and it came with a lobster bisque. Never got to try this one...allergies kept me away
She went to meet her sister and came back with some brownie pops
This was the taco truck I waited in line for
The tacos were really good, we got one steak and one chicken taco. It kills me that when we buy tacos in LA or Napa Valley it's only $1.25
She got a red velvet whoopie pie from somewhere...
Here's Tyson enjoying dessert while waiting in line for his Korean tacos
Cupcakes from Let Them Eat Cupcakes...from left to right, red velvet cream cheese, on top, snickerdoodle, bottom, li hing mango
Buttermilk fried chicken, veggie chili and I forget what else from Soul Patrol
I thought this was the cutest little girl and stroller...If I had a kid I would definitely get this Paul Frank stroller thingy
Cris went to grab brisket sandwiches from Dixie Grill
Pulled pork sandwich Philly style
I ran into Marvin and they were munching on a cucumber-shiso-honeydew? popsicle...kinda gross...
After 2 hours, we finally made it to the front of the line at the Gogi truck!!
Gogi Dog...oh my god. Kathy's favorite. Too much stuff for me. Heart attack in waiting
Kim chee fries with spicy pork
Bi Bim Bap burrito
Getting free goodies from the Yelp girls
We ended the night with these bizarre homemade popsicles. I had a dark chocolate 5 spice, we also tried a starfruit lemongrass, guava tamarind, lemon peel, chocolate apple banana, gingatancal, and one more that I can't remember. Sorry, forgot to take a picture. We were too busy trying to figure out if we liked them or not. They were really weird.


Laura said...

Looks like so much fun! But 2 hours in line for tacos?! OMG! I don't love food enough to do that. And only in HI can you find mango/li hing flavored cupcakes. My mouth is watering just typing those words :)

Les said...

I know! Sounds crazy right? About 4 people ended up taking turns in that line. And the funny thing is, the line was about 100 yards long! I can't believe how many crazy people there were out there.

I only had a bite of the li hing mui cupcake, and I couldn't really taste the li hing or the mango. Maybe if I ate more I would taste it, but I was so full I couldn't do it :|

mmiissee said...

Wow! Where was this at? Shucks, I missed it. Was the tacos worth it? Are they going to have this event again?

Les said...

Hi Mmiissee! This one was held at the corner of South/Halekauila, in the big parking lot next to Circuit court. I'm not sure when the next one is gonna be but I'm sure they're gonna do it cause a lot of people go. I'll let you know if I hear about the next one. If you do go, you have to go early, it starts at 5 and the lines get long REALLY FAST.

I'm not sure if the tacos were worth a 2 hr wait cause by the time we finally got them I was full from tasting all the other stuff. I really liked the Mexican tacos though. My husband and I always taste the taco trucks in the mainland.

Betty Townsend said...

Wow, you guys had a feast. Kinda pricey on the tacos. I read about one of these "Eat on the Street"...I think it was in LA.

jalna said...

Sooooo much ono-looking food. Still don't know if I would go next one they have . . . tooooo much people . . . tooooo much waiting. Looks like fun though.

Les said...

Betty -- Yah, we ordered a lot of food, besides the steak sandwich and the one Mexican taco, I didn't eat that much, a bite here, a bite there...but that was enough!

Jalna--yup, too much people, too long of wait, and too much flash issues!!! >:(

susie said...

Just got a chance to check this out and Now I'm hungary!!! The soup and toast that I thought was good, isn't and I'm HUNGARY!!! GREAT pictures by the way.

Les said...

Hahahahaaa! Believe me Susie, you wouldn't have been hungry after this!

Erick said...

I am getting hungry looking at the pictures. I heard they may do this every month. I like go.

Les said...

oooh Erick I think you'd be in heaven if you went to this...remember, take a bunch of friends and get there early!!