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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Kathy!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

We celebrated Kathy's birthday last night at Morimoto's -- yup, Iron Chef Morimoto! He opened up a restaurant at the new Edition Hotel, next to the Ilikai and Hawaii Prince hotels. The food was awesome, the company was awesome, we had a great time!

The White Lily was a hit
Green Flash
We all ordered the Omakase menu, which was 6 courses and a dessert. First course, Hamachi and toro tartar with five different sauces. Hmmm, let me see, I think from top to bottom....konbu paste, sour cream, wasabi, daikon, guacamole, and rice crunchies. In the cup was a really good shoyu
Calamari salad --This wasn't included in the omakase but we wanted to try it anyways
Kanpachi carpaccio
I don't remember what this was called but in the bowl is a hot oil with a garlic/anchovy paste in the middle. We dipped the veggies in the oil, let it sit in there for awhile, burned our tongue, and enjoyed every minute of it
This was my favorite dish. It was a foie gras chawan mushi...YUMMMMMMMM
Palate cleanser, konbu tea
Sushi assortment, from left to right, maguro, tai, sayori, opakapaka, and hirame. I think that's correct!
This was my main course - braised black cod, with wagyu beef and pork with this pear chutney thing. I could've done without this, it was my least favorite, probably because I was already full when this arrived.
Kathy and Anne got the lobster, with this lemon creme fraiche which was reallly good
Another palate cleanser before dessert - soymilk panacotta
And finally our yummy dessert - I forget what was in here but it was all sweet potato based
After dinner Kathy wanted a picture with chef Morimoto. He was busy at the time but they said if we waited a little while he'd be happy to come out. Here's Kat and Anne waiting patiently...
We walked around the gorgeous hotel after dinner
Overall, the dinner was excellent. The Omakase was a little pricey at $110 but we all agreed it was worth the try. Plus we got to meet Morimoto :)


Betty Townsend said...

Awesome! Living it up!! :)

Les said...

yah, gotta enjoy once in awhile! :)

Yosh808 said...

Wow! NutriSystem's selection has really changed since I've done it! Maybe I gotta re-visit them. LOL!!

Les said...

you rotten kid! See? You started it! SABOTAGE! hahaha! Couldn't resist eating there...back to the bland food today :(

jalna said...

Heeeyyy, da pikchas came out nice even though was dark in there!! Good job you did!

Les said...

Not! The main dishes were so hard to focus on, I brought the 50 mm and I think I was down to 3.2 so I could at least get some of it in focus, but it was soooooooo frustrating!! grrrrr!!