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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween at Kathy's House...

Saturday, October 30, 2010
Kathy's House, Kaneohe, HI

I know this is late but i've been busy and tired (or should I say lazy and tired??) and I couldn't get myself to sit down at the computer to post process these. Anyways, we had a halloween party at Kathy's house this year, all the kiddies and most of the adults got dressed up and had a good time! Here's some of the goodies we made:

Pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes
chocolate graveyard pudding cups
My attempt at making mummy cookies...note to self: use cookie dough that is actually designed to be cutout!! Chocolate chip doesn't really work...
ghost pizza
mummy hot dogs - cute yah?
Anne made all the decorations, I swear I don't know where she finds the time!
It wouldn't be party unless Hello Kitty was present somewhere!
Anne the rice paddy worker
Super Q!
Super Q and Super Mommy!
Looks like the scary lady is trying to do the hula...
Notice her trash bag cape and clothespin weapons?
The kids lining up for their fashion show

That was fun Kat! Let's NEVER do this again! I was exhausted!! :)


Jenny said...

Love it!! Such cute decorations! The food was awesomely scary too. Best costume goes to the JPO! :)

Les said...

I know! Cute yah? hahaha, he was a construction worker and he did win first place!!

Betty Townsend said...

Great photos, Les. Love the costumes!!

Les said...

thanks betty!

jalna said...

WOW! First, the creative food . . . so impressive! Then, the costumes . . . awesome. Your final statement cracked me up!

Les said...

I was so busy that month that a baseball player costume was the best I could come up with :|