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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Olympic National Park Day 3

Saturday, October 23, 2010
Sol Duc
Hurricaine Ridge

We awoke to a beauuuutiful morning and since we were all up at the crack of dawn we headed out to Sol Duc bright and early. And due to our early-bird arrival, we practically had the whole forest to ourselves. Mother Nature once again was taking care of us :)

Sole Duck?
Wow. Those are some big trees.
Sol Duc Falls
Who's that stranger behind Jalna??
The weather was still beautiful when we left Sol Duc so we thought we'd take our chances and head over to Hurricane Ridge today also. We're expecting a big storm so most likely we won't be doing any outdoor activities tomorrow. Unfortunately the weather fairies were exhausted from watching over us and they decided to let loose when we reached the ridge. IT WAS RAINING AND FREEZING!!
I don't know if you can see this but it says 36 degrees! Not including the wind chill factor...
What was so strange was that if you drove down the hill for two minutes, it looked like this:

Who knows what's in store for us tomorrow...check back later and see what we decide!


jalna said...

Your pictures are soooooo beautiful, but Oh My Gaaaaaawwwwwddddd could you have posted more horrible-looking pictures of me? I think we're even now. Hahahahaha!! At least I'm not in my underwear.

Les said...

hahaha...we still got three days left.

jalna said...


Erick said...

Very cool shots of the forest. That name Sol Duc sounds like a Vietnamese dish.

Les said...

Thanks Erick...hey will you make that dish for me??

Betty Townsend said...

Oh my goodness! More beautiful shots. These are awesome! My niece that lives in the Seattle area said on FB that the power had just gone out due to high winds. You girls be careful! :)

Les said...

WHAAATTT?? We're leaving Port Angeles today because due to the storm we're not be able to go down to La Push tomorrow. Jalna suggested that we head to Seattle instead because there's more to do there!! AAAGGGHHH!