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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Sunday, October 24, 2010
Hurricane Ridge
Port Angeles

Ok, so we were so excited when we walked out the door this morning because we looked up at the mountains and it was covered with snow!! We rushed to the car and headed to Hurricane Ridge, and this is what we ran into:

Of course, we're so hard headed, we try and go up the mountain anyways...supposedly high gale force winds and thick fog forced the closure of the road. I guess this storm is worse than we thought!
Since this storm decided to hamper our trip we went to take a look around Port Angeles in the RAIN >:(
There's really not much to do here...
we were hoping to see some sea otters but I guess they were hiding from the storm also
it's hard to tell, but these are the storm clouds that were about to drench us in about 20 minutes!


jalna said...

Too bad the final portion of our Port Angeles stay didn't work out. At least the first half was pretty awesome. Now we got Seattle to look forward to thanks to you!

Les said...

No, thanks to YOU! I would've stayed in Port Angeles all habuteru if you never thought of this!

Betty Townsend said...

Oh, too bad you couldn't do what you wanted. Oh, well...there's a lot to do in Seattle or so I've heard. Enjoy the rest of your trip. The photos have been awesome so far!! :)

Les said...

Thanks Betty! We're having a blast here in Seattle too...and so far we've kept ourselves dry!!