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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Congratulations Kristin!!

Friday, May 21, 2010
Moanalua High School

Randy's niece Kristin graduated from Moanalua High School yesterday. I hate graduations, they're long and they're beginning to make me feel REALLLLY old. To make things worse I got attacked by 5 or 6 vicious red ants!! Anyways, it was a beautiful evening for a graduation, but it rained for about 10 minutes (go figure...) during the ceremony. It cleared up eventually and we all got to congratulate her in the typical Hawaiian style...
Johnathan was playing around and I thought it looked kinda neat with the lights behind his head
Grandma Kuba
Grampa Kuba
Kristin Kuba, c/o 2010
mom and dad
Dad and Uncle Randy
Gramma and Grampa
Mom's family
Johnathan, Aunty Jodie and Joshua
Congratulations Kristin!!!


jalna said...

Nice shots! I hate graduations too. . . maybe cause it just takes soooooooooooo looooooong and it forces you to be PATIENT.

Les said...

I know! Never had seats for us so we were standing for about 3 hours! My legs were tired!! I was very patient, thank you.

Rick said...

Congratulations Krisitn!

Hey Leslie, that photo on the top looks like it was taken from the same place we were standing!! I couldn't believe how crowded it was when we got there and how the crowd filled in behind us at that fence!! I was there for my cousin's graduation.

Les said...

Rick -- we stood there for about 10 minutes then we started to feel the sprinkles...we walked toward the massive crowd of people and found a dry spot to hang out in. Good thing my mother in law was with us cause when the downpour came she gave me one of her jackets to protect my camera!

Betty Townsend said...

Wow! great pictures! Love all the lei.

Erick said...

Congrats for surviving the graduation. You did get nice night shots! I love the color and the skin tone, tough to do at night.

Les said...

thanks Erick! I think I only wanna do early evening graduations from now on...hmmm, with perfect lighting, when I don't have to use the stupid flash...!! Note to self: bring a chair or stool the next time!