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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Haunani!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009
Krazy Karaoke

We celebrated Haunani, our co-worker's birthday at Krazy Karaoke last night...this is the birthday girl...wait a minute, is this a birthday or a bachlorette party? What kind of name tag is that??

Ok this was the deal, when you wanted to speak to someone, you had to call them by their "nametag" name or else you had to dress up in this...I won't even mention what my name was!

This is Krazy Kris...I won't mention her name either!

Cherie obviously made the boo-boo by calling Haunani...

Sing it Nolan! Or should I say "Rug Muncher??"

Happy Birthday Haunani!!


jalna said...

Oh My Gawwwwd, I love that outfit!

Les said...

I know! Doesn't she look adorable in it??

Betty Townsend said...

too funny!!

Erick said...

So cool, love these shots! Looks like was good fun too. Nice job!

Les said...

Erick - it was hard shooting these...I was laughing too much!