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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Canon attempt #4

Magic Island
Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ok, this is my fourth (or is it my fifth?? I've entered so many times I've lost count...) attempt to get on Canon's wall of fame...the theme this year is "A Perfect Day in Hawaii." So I got my butt up early to catch the sunrise at Ala Moana, and it was cold!!

Ok, so yeah, that's all I got for today...these birds aren't a part of the contest but I thought they were cute and there were TONS of them waiting around for this guy to feed them...


Betty Townsend said...

Your pictures are great, Leslie! Love those birds!

Erick said...

Cool bird shots! Those little birds are usually very nervous and fly away when you get close. The rock and fence shot are great!

susie said...

The birds are called Java Finches. They make a great pet and cost about $90.00 or so in Wyoming. Sam thought it was funny that they cost so much there as they are wild here, and I use to feed them in my back yard, but my cats thought I was feeding them so I stopped. Great pictures, Les. Maybe this will be the year!!!