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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sunrise at Solio

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ok, no rest for the weary...we were up early again for a 5:45 run to see the sunrise.  I was hoping for the iconic rhino-giraffe-zebra-in-front-of-Mt. Kenya pic but the animals weren't cooperating.  I can't complain though, zebras and Mt. Kenya make some pretty cool landscapes...


So after the sun practically blinded me we went driving around to see whatever other animals were hanging around...and then we saw it.  The black rhino.  FINALLY!  We had to be vewy, vewy quiet (in my Elmer Fudd voice) because we didn't want to scare him off.  You notice that they look a little different?  Their snout is pointier because they're not grazers, they usually eat off of bushes, trees and shrubs.  They are also smaller than the white rhino, and they also have a more concave back.  This guy didn't stick around long, plus we we had to stay far way so we wouldn't spook him

Sorry, I know you're probably bored looking at animals but we went driving around some more and saw some amazing stuff!
This is one of my favorites...have you ever seen a giraffe do this???  We nicknamed it the yoga giraffe.  She did it about 10 times while we sat there and watched her.  It was so funny!
I wish I zoomed in on this more...
We found more black rhinos!

This dude was kinda cool.  He was standing right in the middle of our path, just like in the movies.  So we sat and waited till he walked away.
I guess the cape buffalos and the giraffes are buddies
The egrets like the rhinos
And the buffalos!

Stay tuned...tomorrow you'll see an awesome Kenyan sunset!


jalna said...

Those mountains are so impressive!! And the cape buffalo totally reminded me of the police chief in Zootopia. Funny!

Leslie's pics said...

Yah Mt. Kenya is really pretty...I had to go back and look at images of Zootopia cause I forgot what the police chief looked like. i loved that movie...gotta watch it again :)

Anonymous said...

On BBC they have the new Earth series and they showed a lion pride hunting a caped buffalo. Hoo man, they are tough beasties, they have those huge horns that can rip open a lion and they all stood in circles against the pride so the lions couldn't grab them. The lions lost that day. They are NOT prey! -N

Leslie's pics said...

Oooh N, I heard about the new series. I didn't get to watch it yet. So crazy yah!!!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Never tiring of your animal pictures. So nice to see them through your lenses!

Leslie's pics said...

Awwww, thanks Aunty!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Didn't realize giraffes could be so flexible. LOL


Leslie's pics said...

So cute yah Izsmom?! :)