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Monday, April 4, 2016

Today was a bust...


So we had big plans of going to the Ghibli Museum today...the only way to buy tickets (if I'm in Japan) is to go to Lawsons and use their little ticket kiosk and choose the time and date of when you want to go.  The machine is only in Japanese but fortunately one of the workers from the hotel helped me out.  What sucked is that all times were sold out for the rest of the week!!! AAAGGGHHH!  We didn't have a plan B so we decided on Yokohama.  We were gonna go there eventually but we didn't have anything with us to study and use when we were there.

Before we headed out we walked to Tsukiji to eat some sushi but the restaurant that we wanted to go to had a line going to Timbuktu.  Damn internet!!  When we went 2 years ago there was no line at all.  We ended up going next door and I got a sashimi bowl which was pretty disappointing.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't horrible but I was expecting something better.

When we finally reached Yokohama it was lunchtime so we went to the Ramen Museum.  I don't think this place was worth it either.  You pay ¥300 just to get in, and if you're an adult then you have to order a bowl of ramen also.  We went to Casa Luca because it got some good reviews.

We got the tonkotsu ramen and it was ok.  That little plate on the side was parmesan cheese, they said it was very popular.  I thought it was just weird.

I kinda wish I didn't eat Ichiran Ramen in Fukuoka because no ramen has even come close to that one.  There are a few here in Tokyo and it's just a matter of time before I get there!
The museum looks pretty neat once you get in, but it's not much of a museum.  It's more of a ramen building with some history stories on the walls.

After lunch we walked a little around Chinatown.  This was the cleanest but most expensive Chinatown that i've been in.  Sorry, I didn't take much pictures, I was too lazy

I thought these were so cute!  Too bad I was full or else I woulda bought one

For dinner we went to Fu unji Ramen, we weren't planning on eating ramen again but we were walking around Shinjuku, it started raining, and it was getting COLD!  Randy read about Fu unji and when we checked the map it was pretty close to where we were.  They are famous for tsukamen (dipping noodles) and they got great reviews.

We heard that they close their doors at 9:00pm on the dot.  We stood in line at 8:47 and there were about 10 people in front of us out the door.  If you are inside by the time they close then you are ok.  This picture was taken around 8:55 and we were getting nervous...

By the time 9:00 came along we were the first one at the door!  OH NOOOOOOOO!! Luckily the worker shoooed everyone in back of us away, only about 3 other people made the cut.  The line moves very fast, like all other restaurants they are very efficient.  This is my dinner, it was very good, especially the noodles, thick and chewy.  I ordered a medium, Randy got a large.  They ask you what you want when you get to the counter, they don't charge any more for the larger size.  ¥1000

The broth was a little bit too rich for me but they keep a pot of hot water on the counter so you can add it to your bowl.  When I first started eating I was regretting only getting the medium.  By the time I finished my plate I was happy I only got the medium because I was stuffed to the gills!  It was still drizzling when we got out of the restaurant so we just came back to the hotel.  It was way too cold to be walking out in the rain.

Hope we have a better day tomorrow!  Here's another tree that we saw near our hotel...


jalna said...

Sounds like a good day to me!!!

Leslie's pics said...

The only real good thing that came out of it was that (according to my phone) we walked 23,802 steps, which equals to 10.15 miles, and I climbed 8 floors of stairs. My back and legs were ready to just collapse by the end of the night!

Honolulu Aunty said...

LOL, cleanest and most expensive Chinatown - how can that be?!?

Your last picture was absolutely gorgeous. Calendar material.

Honolulu Aunty said...

LOL, cleanest and most expensive Chinatown - how can that be?!?

Your last picture was absolutely gorgeous. Calendar material.

Leslie's pics said...

Honolulu Aunty - No kidding yah!? It was spotless and the restaurant workers were dressed like they were going into surgery! Bonnets, long sleeve jumpsuits...I bet the food won't taste as good! ;-)

Kalin's Mommy said...

Whoa, expensive burgers! Your eating a lot, but also walking a lot, so it cancels all the eating out right? LOL.

Leslie's pics said...

you would think right Michele? I doubt it...I'm afraid to step on the scale when I get home!

Kay said...

Like Jalna, you make all the food look amazing, even the ones you thought we so so. I loved the ikura bowl when we went to Tsukiji.

Leslie's pics said...

aww thanks Kay. It was hard getting to the good restaurants at Tsukiji, they all had such long lines! I think we need to go at 5 am when hardly anyone is there :(