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Saturday, April 2, 2016

More Cherry Blossoms!


We didn't have anything planned today and we had to move house once again (in case you didn't know, we only had accomodations for certain dates because we didn't have anything planned.  We are just winging it!) so we just walked around town a bit today.

We're back in the Hatchobori area, and the streets here are beautiful!!  We stay here all the time but we never really walked around the area.

I also went to check out the new Snoopy museum which isn't open yet (WAAAAHHHH!!)  It was supposed to open late March but they now changed the date to April 23rd.  I was hoping the gift shop would be open or something but I was out of luck :(

It was still under construction and I wanted to ask them if I could go in just to take a picture with one of the Snoopys but Randy wouldn't let me

After a quick lunch we headed back to the hotel to check in and to rest our feet a little bit.  Since we had nothing to do we headed to Naka-Meguro to check out the night viewing of the cherry blossoms.  Sheesh.  I thought Ueno was bad.  This place was a madhouse!! Getting out of the station was a nightmare but all in all it was a fun experience...until people started shoving me while I was taking pictures >:(

It was kinda hard keeping steady with all the people around. These aren't as sharp as I had liked but I guess it's good enough.







Stay tuned...tomorrow should be a crazy day!!


jalna said...

Beautiful! Unreal how got two boxes outside of the gate at the Snoopy Museum. Looks like a delivery person just left them there.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Aw too bad on the snoopy museum! The cherry blossoms are so pretty!

Leslie's pics said...

Jalna - no kidding. Had security people around and stuff but I bet you if no one was there watching still nobody would steal it!

Michele - I'm soooo bummed! It's only gonna be here for 2 years and not sure when I'm coming back :(

Honolulu Aunty said...

Snoopy! Love him and Woodstock - so cute!

The last picture reminded me of Korean drama actor/actress - you guys could be King Sukjong and Lady Jang Ok Jung. She was a really beautiful and bad consort with super ambition and King Sukjong was totally in love with her, until she started doing weird stuff.

Leslie's pics said...

I'm a big snoopy fan too...
Maybe I should start watching Korean dramas so I know what you're talking about! ;)