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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Whose bright idea was this anyways??

Scripps Pier
Monday, November 16, 2015

You guys know who Peter Lik is?  He's an awesome photographer and I could only dream that I could be 1/2 as good as him.  Anyways, he has this beauuuutiful picture of Scripps Pier that I wanted to try and recreate.  

Obviously I shoulda just stayed in bed cause mines wasn't even close.  We woke up before the crack of dawn (4:30!!) and drove to Scripps Pier.  It was suuuper windy and sand was blasting us in the face!  It hurt!  Unfortunately the wind kept moving my tripod during my long exposures so most of the pics had motion on um.  grrrr...these were two of the few that actually came out.


Yah. not even close.  So we went back to the selfies...most of these didn't turn out either cause our hair was flying in our face!

I guess I gotta go back to San Diego when I have more time...we had to rush to the airport after the beach.  That's the end of my whirlwind weekend!


jalna said...

I like your versions. If I had a nice house, I would put it on my wall.

Leslie's pics said...

awwww thanks! Just don't look too close, you might see double! :-O

Pam Campbell said...

I love your version much better. Its real, and you worked hard to get that shot!!

Leslie's pics said...

Yes I did! Got sand blown in my ears and everything!! I still might have some residual in there somewhere...

Anonymous said...

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