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Thursday, February 14, 2013

BIg Bear 2013...

Los Angeles and Big Bear, CA

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! Randy and I are spending a few days up here in Big Bear and then we're heading to Vegas next week.  It's a bit chilly, can't wait to get the fireplace going.  We brought our boards up with us and we're ready to hit the slopes tomorrow!! We spent our first night in LA and made the trek out here this morning.  We stopped by Langers first.  We heard that they have the best Pastrami sandwiches in Los Angeles...


The waitress recommended we get #19

And the Beef Brisket French Dip



This beef brisket was really good.  I looooved the bread.

The pastrami was good too, but I think I like the traditional ones better.

I must've really enjoyed it cause I almost finished it all.  Randy had to eat the rest for me...

After a trip to the store and about a 2 hr drive, we finally made it to Big Bear!  I love the cabin, it's walking distance to the slopes and it's nice and comfy

Yah, we're expecting company tomorrow....





This is the view from the cabin

Can't wait to hit the slopes tomorrow!  Hope I don't kill myself....


Kalin's Mommy said...

Nice, We went to Big Bear two years ago...I hate heights...negative on that ski-lift! Closed my eyes most of the way up...talking myself out of an anxiety attack...then realized I eventually need to ride that ski-lift back down!!!

Les said...

hahaha so funny Michele, I hate the ski lift too, but it's because I hate getting off it. I fell a couple of times before and it's soooo shame!

jalna said...

Niiiiiice cabin!!! Love your photos. Can you teach Randy how to do the video on your camera so that he can film you falling out of the ski lift?

Les said...

Bachi!! We both got goggle cams...I'm soooo not posting mines!

mmiissee said...

Did you folks see the burned down cabin?

Les said...

hahaha, no, I have no idea what part of Big Bear it was in. We were right next to the ski resort and I don't think it was near there. Would've been interesting to see though!