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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spam Jam

Saturday, May 30, 2011

Kathy and I suffered through all the traffic and mayhem so we could go to this year's Spam Jam. The funny thing is, after we finally found parking she told me she doesn't even like spam!! What a babooze. She ordered garlic chicken wings...hahahhaa!

I figured we had to order something with spam inside so we got spam chili nachos. Couldn't even taste the spam!!

We ran into my co-worker Jason, as he was taking a break from his part time job...

As you can see, it was pretty crowded

We got bored, spent some time in Macys and decided to eat ramen instead. We went to Kiwami ramen in Wakiki Shopping Plaza. This place wasn't too hot. The noodles were really good, nice and chewy. I ordered the shio ramen, it was ok.

Look at their soup spoon, neat yah?

Kathy ordered the goma ramen. We both didn't like it. It was a little too pasty and had a funny flavor. The char shiu tasted weird also. We like goma-tei better.


jalna said...

The food looks so ono. Even the ramen that you guys didn't like. Jason has a part-time job in Waikiki?

Les said...

The food offered at the jam sounded disgusting...the nachos were good though! The ramen was junk.

Jason works at Docs on Call @ Princess Kaiulani

Erick said...

I need to check the Spam Jam one of these days. I got those spoon, I always wondered why it had that notch. Now I know, thanks.

Les said...

Eh, it was only ok, really small too, about the length of Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.

I love that spoon! Such a good idea!

mmiissee said...

I missed the time.
Have you ever tried the ramen from Goma Ichi? I find theres one better then Goma Tei. But, it seems that Goma Tei is much more popular though.

Les said...

mmiissee--yah, I like Goma Ichi also but Goma Tei is more convenient with the parking and and Kathy love the Tan Tan Ramen!!