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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Leslie Jalna and Susie's Washington Adventure

Day 1 & 2
Wednesday & Thursday October 20, 21, 2010
Honolulu Airport
Port Angeles

Jalna, Susie and I are headed to Olympic National Park in Washington. We took the red eye flight to Seattle last night, and of course Jalna always has her camera ready to document all the action...

These are a compilation of both mines & Jalna's pics, I was too lazy to shoot today and she was too lazy to post :)

**don't mind the itsy-bitsy pictures, I made a mistake while posting and I'm waaaay too tired to fix it! I tried to win me some extra spending money but the darn machine wouldn't recognize my ID!
Waiting for the rental car shuttle
Our highlander
Look what kind of weather we came to!! >:(
On the way over to Port Angeles we saw a cute little pumpkin patch so we stopped to take a peek
Our stash for the week!
Our cute house!
Since we got in so early we wanted to check out one of the many lavender farms in the area...No one had informed us it's not lavender season!!
Here's the would be lavender bushes!

The weather man said it's gonna rain tomorrow, let's pray for some sun!!


Erick said...

Love all the pumpkins, so cool. That house looks great too. Looking forward to your postings. Have fun!

Les said...

Thanks Erick! Stay tuned...rainy park pics to come! Hopefully we can keep our gear dry!

Betty Townsend said...

Love the pics (if I could see them)! LOL! Neat house! Have fun and hope the weather cooperates for you. Can't wait to see your pics.

Les said...

Sorry betty! They'll be bigger tonight! I promise!!

C said...

i looooooove the kitchen! i can just picture me now..all the kids gathered around the kitchen..freshly baked bread in the oven, eggs and bacon and pan cakes, with real maple syrup and a bird out our window chirping the melody of, 'somewhere thats green' (little shop of horrors) Haha. But i think i could do some damage with a kitchen like THAT. lol

Les said...

Dunno about that..Jalna made it look a whole lot bigger than it actually is! It is cute though!