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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy (late) Grandparent's Day!

Saturday, September 18, 2010
Ann Pearl Nursing Home

It was a hot and muggy day out at Ann Pearl this morning but that didn't stop us from joining Ann Pearl's Mexican grandparent's day celebration!! It was so cute, all the residents had on these faux ponchos and big ol sombreros! I didn't take any pictures of the residents this time cause I never like get in trouble again...

woo hoo! first try! right in the puka!
not bad for 97 years old, eh?
I was thirsty and was hoping gramma could win me a soda but no luck on this one...
alpacha? llama? who knows? I'm betting on llama since his hair isn't as long and fluffy as the ones I seen in San Diego. His face does look exactly like them though, huh?
I made friends with this cow (big surprise there...), and he was licking my arm. Did you ever have a cow lick you? It's kinda sore! Their tongues are kinda pokey so it's like they're scratching you as they lick you.
For some reason Dylan refused to go into the petting zoo so he petted whatever he could from here.
I was praying he wouldn't spit on me!
how he fit in Quentin's car seat I don't know...

Happy grandparent's day gramma! Mmwwwahhh!


jalna said...

OMG, you so brave getting your face so close to the llama. Looks like everybody had good fun!

Les said...

I know! I made sure my sister took the picture REAL fast! It was fun but it was HOT!

Jenny said...

1. Your Grandma is a good shot!
2. OK- you let a cow lick you but you eat his tongue???
3. I thought it was camels that spit- didn't know llamas do too.
4. Am I seeing things, or is that a miniature Tracy?

Guess that's it! Looks like you guys had fun.

Betty Townsend said...

Great photos, Les!! Your grandmother looks great for 97 years old!! Your nephews are so adorable!!

Les said...

ok Jenny, here it goes...

1. No kiddin yah? I was impressed!
2. errr...i was wondering if anyone was gonna say that! Terrible, aren't I?
3. Yup they spit...well I know for a fact alpachas do. Pam and Jacob got nailed in San Diego! Soooo gross.
4. Miniature Tracey he is. What's scary is that he looked MORE like him when he was first born!

Thanks Betty!