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Thursday, April 22, 2010

San Francisco Day 2

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Kaiser Permanente, Geary

I don't know what it is about my old age...because we got in so late last night, we didn't get to sleep until almost 3 a.m...and you know what time I woke up this morning?? 7:00!! What's wrong with me?? I'm on vacation and I should be resting!

Anyways, while Randy went to get some exercise at Golden Gate Park, I went to visit some buddies at Kaiser. For those of you who don't know, I used to work there from 2002-2003. We try and visit every year, but we weren't able to make it last year. It was nice to see everybody again!!

Ron and Jinsun
Smoke break....nice faces you can see, they don't like taking pictures!
Ron and Ruby (my photographer for the day!!)
This is of my favorite bosses in the whole wide world! (I'm hoping he'll give me a job in case I ever wanna move to San Francisco....)
Ron showing off Jinsun's new set of twins
I believe her comment was "see! now our boobies touch!"
Suree, radiology transporter
Maureen, special procedures nurse
Later that afternoon Randy and I ate lunch ate BurgerMeister. Randy is still searching for the ultimate burger. This one was close! I'll be blogging about some other ones later!
Randy ordered a plain hamburger with coleslaw. He wishes he ordered the 1/2 pounder instead. oink oink! (this was a 1/4 lb)
I had the cheeseburger with fries...yum!!
We wanted to walk off some of our lunch so we headed to Haight Street so Randy could pick up some CDs
Hey, is that Casper smoking a joint??
This is such a dog friendly city! Here's one cute guy that was hanging around Haight St.

For dinner tonight Randy decided he wanted to eat Mexican. He saw that this restaurant got great reviews in the Zagat book so we thought we'd try over here. BIG MISTAKE. I'd give it 2 out of 5 stars. I would give it only one star but my dish was pretty good. Here's my reasons:

1. Before dinner we sat at the bar and Randy ordered a margarita. We are big margarita drinkers, and like the burger, we are in search for the best margarita also. The bartender poured a jigger of tequila and a jigger of some kind of margarita mix, shook it up and poured it into the glass. WHAT THE HELL?? You call this an upscale Mexican restaurant? Where's the Cointreau? The triple-sec? Lime juice maybe??? just a little?? From that point on it was just downhill from there. We should of walked out at that point.

2. The waitress seated us at the table and took our orders -- we ordered tableside guacamole for starters. When the guacamole came, I asked Randy, "don't we get utensils??" And he assumed maybe we're supposed to eat it with our hands. But then I realized, what about napkins? If we're gonna eat with our hands, shouldn't we get napkins? So we didn't say anything, hoping the waitress would come and check on us, and I'd tell her then. NOPE. Not once. So when our meal came, I finally asked the server for forks. He ran over and got us some. Basically we had no utensils and napkins for about 45 minutes. By then, Randy was irritated, so that's why there's so few pictures coming up...
This is what I ordered. It was actually pretty good.
While we were waiting for our guacamole, the waitress came and brought us this. All she said was that these were some Mexican sauces with some hot tortillas. We had no idea how to eat it so we just started ripping it and dipping it into the sauce. It was ok.

Then, the guacamole came, but with no chips. We came to the conclusion that the tortillas were for the guacamole (which was mediocre by the way...) and we were supposed to scoop it up with it. Good thing we didn't eat them all or else we didn't have anything to eat the guacamole with!
These were my scallops. Like I said, they were pretty good. Randy ordered the Chilli Rellino but hell if he was gonna let me take a picture of that since he was already so annoyed with the staff over there!
Ok, so I lied when I told you the other day that I'd show you some awesome places to eat. This is definately not one of them...I promise to redeem myself tomorrow. Hopefully we'll go back to some of our old favorites which we know won't disappoint!! Good night everyone! See you tomorrow!


jalna said...

Wow, Les your photos look awesome even though you're only post-processing with Elements. I guess saving at 300 ppi at 3 x 2 is making a difference in how we're seeing your photos.

Les said...

thanks but I still can't get my food ones to look normal! My hamburger ones look totally crappy and so do my scallops...i don't get it!

Betty Townsend said...

Hope you and Randy have better food experiences. We would have walked out of a restaurant if we had gotten service like you experienced at the Mexican restaurant.

Les said...

Oh Betty I wish we did walk out, Randy is totally regretting it. But that's ok, we've been eating well and I can't wait to share it with you guys! :)