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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paraguay/Back to Buenos Aires

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Before we left for the airport, we visited Ciudad del Este, a CRAZY shopping town in Paraguay. It just so happened that Randy had lost his camera in the cab on the way over there so it actually gave us a purpose to be in that disguisting place. It was VERY dirty and there were tons of people there trying to get the best deals on everything from socks to fishing reels to laptop computers. I will download the video we took from the camera when I can figure out how to change the format of the stupid thing!

We then stopped at the three borders - Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. You can read about the rivers here.

Each country has it's own obelisk...this is Argentina's

If you squint your eyes and look very closely, you can see Brazil's
And this is Paraguay's

We finally got back to Buenos Aires, and instead of staying at a hostel or a hotel, we decided on renting an apartment in Palermo instead. It's actually very nice and comfortable!


Betty Townsend said...

That town you visited in Paraguay looked yuck! It reminded me of Tiajuana. The apartment looks really nice, looks like everything you need is right there. What is the weather like?

jalna said...

Sooo interesting!! That Ciudad place sounded kinda scary to me. Thanks for posting the link. So, did you get any bargains? Camera lenses? I wonder what the obelisks are for? I never heard of them before. That really big one you posted on your fourth day was awesome. That river is pretty grand. I like your apartment. So cute. Is that the toilet in the foreground in the bathroom? It looks kinda weird.

Erick said...

Nice apartment. How are the prices of the hotels and food? Is stuff cheap in South America? It must be so cool to take pictures there.

Les said...

Betty - yah, it's just like Tijuana but way worse...I actually felt kinda safe in Tijuana, here they say not to bring bags or jewelry, hide your money and passports well and keep an eye out at all times. I guess people get pickpocketed a lot! yikes! The weather has been quite warm, 80s, I was kinda bummed because I was expecting it to be cooler!

Jalna - it was scaaary! Kinda fun too, it's so overwhelming. I only found one Canon store that sold SLR's and lenses and it wasn't any cheaper than the outside, we bought a Sony pns, thinking we got a helluva deal, but when we got back and checked Best Buy's website, we ended up paying about the same price! hahaha! So much for us bargain shopping! It was the cheapest one we could find though! We spoke to many vendors and finally we decided on one...yah, that's the toilet, it also has one of those other bidet thingys, don't know how to use it, and probably won't!

Erick - the prices are soooo cheap here, we had another nice dinner last night, 2 salads, 2 main dishes, and Randy had 3 drinks = about $40 including tip. This was a semi nice restaurant too!

Robyn said...

Was that the toilet w/ not seat?