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Friday, April 17, 2009

Buenos Aires Day 3

La Alameda Tour
Friday, April 17, 2009

We went to a town called Chascomus, about 2 hrs out of Buenos Aires. It's a town where most of the cattle for Argentina.
This is my favorite "gaucho..." sorry, didn't get his name. No one spoke english here! Isn't he cute? :)

This is the first time Randy and I have ever ridden a horse...Randy went first...

Then it was my was scary!

I was getting worried cause no one would help me off this thing!

This is Lake Chascomus

Here's our lunch....yum!

Randy made a could we resist?

He had so much fun the first time, he wanted to try again...

This is our guide Veronica

Ok, there were llamas (at least I think it was a llama!), dogs and horses, but where were the cows? hmmmm...

Randy wanted to get a picture of my ha-yuuge's not that big, is it?

We saw a traditional folk dance show

This was some kind of game where they have to poke a stick through this loop while riding a horse...

Veronica teaching us how to drink mate...eewwww...I didn't like it.

What a beautiful day it was today!


jalna said...

Yeeeeehaaaaw!!! I'm exhausted. That was a full day you had. I love the shot of Randy between the trees. It's beauuuutiful! I hope you didn't get too close to that llama. I heard they spit nasty stuff at you. If fact, in the second picture looks like he was taking aim. Your backpack looks small-kine big but ergonomically built so that it feels light as a feather. Thanks for the daily posts, Les. I'm loving this vicarious experience with you. Okay, okay, I can hear you now . . .

vi·cari·ous (vī ker′ē əs, vi-)

taking the place of another thing or person; substitute;

endured, suffered, or performed by one person in place of another

shared in or experienced by imagined participation in another's experience; a vicarious thrill

Erick said...

Way cool! Looks like you folks are having lots of fun. Can wait the next installment.

Les said...

Jalna! Shame on you! You're not supposed to let the whole world know about my lack of vocabulary! Ho da shame! Thanks for the definition though! So funny! By the way, the bag gets a little heavy after walking around with it for hours...and the llama didn't spit, thank god!

Betty Townsend said...

I just read Jalna's comment. How funny, she sounds like the big sister, huh Leslie! hahahaha!! Love these pictures!!