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Sunday, March 8, 2009

White Balance Experiment Disaster

Round Table Pizza, Kailua
Sunday, March 8, 2009

I knew Round Table Pizza had horrible lighting conditions so I wanted to try out Jalna's "white plate" white balance doesn't help though, when the plates they use are practically gray with black speckles!!! That ExpoDisc is lookin real good about now!!
So, I was back to square one, which means I have horrible color balance in my sure looks yummy though, huh?

This is my favorite, favorite pizza...pepperoni, double mushroom, with pesto. I always order it whenever I go...
This is my friend Kevin with his niece.


jalna said...

Hey, that plate is hilarious. The pizzas look soooooo good. If the white balance didn't come out at first, you sure did a good job at post processing.

Erick said...

I used to carry around a piece of white paper just for that reason. Now I use napkins or something neutral gray. I want to get a colormeter someday, but it is so expensive.

Betty Townsend said...

yummy pizza! will have to try the pesto on it. Round Table is where we go for pizza.

Jenny Sakamoto said...

Hi Les,
Is that Kevin Speece?

Also- what the hell happened to my photo?????


P.S. I'm visiting this weekend. Wanna go to Target?

Les said...

yah that's Kevin...what about your photo? It's still there!